December 24
Opening of the exhibition « MERCHANT PORTRAIT, 18th – early 20th century» from the collection of the History Museum. Paintings,... <more>


24.12.2013-31.03.2014MERCHANT PORTRAIT, 18th – early 20th century. From the collection of the History Museum. Paintings, daguerreotypes, and photographs (24.12.2013-31.03.2014)
Exhibition of merchant portraits from the two types of museum collections – paintings and daguerreotypes including early photographs is... <more>
19.12.2013-08.01.2014The Grand Imperial –°rown (19.12.2013-08.01.2014)
The Grand Imperial –°rown has come to the exhibition «ROMANOVS. PORTRAIT OF THE... <more>
19.12.2013-10.03.2014CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITY OF THE PERM TERRITORY (19.12.2013-10.03.2014)
The exhibition is organized by the Perm Art Gallery as a part of the festivities of the 290th anniversary of Perm City Foundation Day. The... <more>
13.12.2013-14.01.2014Enchanted Journey (Magical mystery tour) (13.12.2013-14.01.2014)
Exhibition «Enchanted Journey (Magical mystery tour) » is dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the House of Jaquet... <more>
06.11.2013-09.02.2014SILVER LEGEND of the CAUCASUS. MANABA MAGOMEDOVA (06.11.2013-09.02.2014)
Memorial exhibition will be opened at the day of the 85th anniversary of Manaba Magomedova (1928-2013) - the unique person, the first and... <more>
15.10.2013-13.01.2014THE BRONZE AGE. EUROPE WITHOUT BORDERS. BETWEEN the IV-th AND EARLY I-st MILLENNIUM BC (15.10.2013-13.01.2014)
For the first time within one exhibition the museums of Russia and Germany demonstrate their unique collections telling about the birth... <more>
04.09.2013-30.01.2014ROMANOVS. PORTRAIT OF THE DYNASTY (04.09.2013-30.01.2014)
The exhibition presents Tsarist and Grand Ducal portraits from the collection of the State Historical... <more>
04.07.2013-01.04.2014PORTRAITS ROOM. Royal and aristocratic portraits, furniture and interior design from the collection of the State Historical Museum (04.07.2013-01.04.2014)
The traditional purpose of one of the showrooms in the royal palace or noble estate was reserved for housing a portrait gallery or being a... <more>
18.01.2012-18.01.2014Gold. Metal of Gods and King of metals (18.01.2012-18.01.2014)
The exhibition presents objects kept in the State Historical Museum which are outstanding historic and cultural monuments of the last two... <more>
17.05.2008-31.12.2014V.I.Lenin's private car (17.05.2008-31.12.2014)
The central exhibit "Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost" has been ordered in Great Britain on July, 11th, 1922 by the head of the Soviet... <more>